Eklind® #   25171   .
Set Ergo-Fold™ Fold-up Set
Series Hex Key Series
# of Tools 7
with Ergonomic Handle
Size Range 1.5 - 6
Size List 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, & 6
Unit of
MM Sizes
Features and Benefits    
Made in U.S.A. 
High Quality, Industrial Grade, Professional Tools.
Made with Eklind® Alloy Steel.
Heat Treated for optimum strength and ductility.
Finished with Eklind® Black Finish to resist rust.
Fold-up sets include a variety of popular sizes in one convenient handle to keep you from losing individual keys.
Fold a key out to a right angle to get maximum leverage. Fold a key out completely to operate like a screwdriver.
Eklind® Ergo-Fold™ Fold-up sets have a hard plastic shell that is stronger than steel and a soft plastic over mold for comfort, slip resistance and safety.
The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand.
Color coded BLUE for METRIC.
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Set Includes:    
29015 --1.5 MM Hex Loop Replacement Key
29020 --2 MM Hex Loop Replacement Key
29025 --2.5 MM Hex Loop Replacement Key
29030 --3 MM Hex Loop Replacement Key
29040 --4 MM Hex Loop Replacement Key
29050 --5 MM Hex Loop Replacement Key
29060 --6 MM Hex Loop Replacement Key
Merchandising Solutions for Distribution:  
45140 --Planogram - Ergo POG
45300 --Rack - Ball Ergo-Fold
45348 --Rack - Hex-L /Ergo-Fold