EklindŽ #   10223   .
Set Hex-LŽ Key Stand Combo Pack
# of tools 22
# of sets includes the following 3 sets:
11111 --Universal Stand
10213 --13 pc Long Series Hex-LŽ Key Set with Holder. Inch Sizes: .050 - 3/8
10609 --9 pc Long Series Hex-LŽ Key Set with Holder. MM Sizes: 1.5 - 10
Features and Benefits    
Made in U.S.A. 
High Quality, Industrial Grade, Professional Tools.
Made with EklindŽ Alloy Steel.
Heat Treated for optimum strength and ductility.
Finished with EklindŽ Black Finish to resist rust.
Color coded RED for INCH.
Color coded BLUE for METRIC.
Plastic holder firmly retains each key in a size marked hole.
The Universal Stand accommodates Inch, Metric, or Torx Keys. It includes holes so that it can be hung form a wall or attached to a work bench. You can attach multiple stands to each other to accommodate multiple sets.